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Select Choice Group Work from Home Training

Pay Structure:

Day 2

So let's talk about money, shall we?

FOR SALES ONLY.  This does not apply to Admin or Customer Service.

So the initial cost for the training is $1,400 which we've reduced to $99 which will be deducted out of your 4 initial Frontier, AT&T, HughesNet, Vivint, ViaSat, ADT, Dish and/or DirecTV sales while in Training.  So there's no money out of pocket to you if you are paying the regular discounted price of $99.  You will soon learn how Select Choice Group doesn't stand to profit from it's representatives.  Instead, that money goes directly towards your immediate trainer who brought you into our company.  They will be responsible for some of your training and your sponsor as you grow in our company. 

You may want to take advantage of 50% OFF the training fee which brings the total to $49 if paid 100% upfront prior to start. Again, please take note that none of the money that you pay goes to or Select Choice Group.  Instead that money goes directly to the person that brought you into our company who is sponsoring you to ensure that you are trained properly.  Why is their a charge at all?  You can actually apply to get the money back once you've made 100 sales.  We want to make sure that you take this company seriously.  We have trained many people and have opened up sales seats and wasted a lot of money on incoming sales and the person didn't even log on to answer the phone.  See, the problem is that this position takes a lot of discipline to make sure that you are self motivated and responsible on your own without having a boss looking over your shoulder.  Believe it or not, most people in this world are NOT self motivated.  Investing in your future, we found that people take this training and career a lot more seriously. Our goal is that we're hoping that you do the same.

Look at it like this...  There is no out of pocket expense while you are training or after.  You don't need a single penny to get started except for a headset, high-speed internet, a computer and a cellphone.

List of Items that you'll need if you don't own them.  You can purchase them from Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and other stores.  

Logitech - H390 USB Headset with Noise-Canceling Microphone = $29

Computer with Hard line Ethernet Cord plugin capabilities

High Speed Internet of 25Mbps or greater

Computer that is Intel Core i3 or greater

Private office area with no kids yelling, dog barking, bird chirping or anything else that would make noise while you are working.

Business Rules:

FOR SALES ONLY.  This does not apply to Admin or Customer Service.

The ONLY time that you will either be making an outbound call or soliciting your friends and family

Everybody starts off as a TRAINEE Position. Basically, you will be selling yourself service or your family and friends services.  For example, do you know anybody who needs cellphone service?  If you sell 4-lines of service (even if it's on the same family plan), that counts as 4 sales.  Selling yourself or someone else 3 lines of AT&T cellphone service, 1 AT&T TV or DirecTV service, and home internet service from Frontier, AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier or Comcast Xfinity counts as 5 sales.  You only need 4 sales total to graduate from TRAINEE to SALES AGENT.  You will still get paid for all 5 sales.  If you don't know anybody that you can sell to, no worries, we have people calling us everyday from all across the country looking for services that we sell.  We missed most of their calls and we get plenty of people who are looking for service that apply on our website.  We have plenty of opportunities for you to make a ton of money and graduate out of training within 4-hours.

So let's talk about how to graduate and grow in the company and make more money as you grow.

The very first day out of training class which is mostly watching videos and reading material on this very site, you will be classified as a TRAINEE.  Once you've made your first 4-sales, you will be recognized as officially graduating training and you will be classified as a Sales Agent.

Your next step is TEAM Leader.  In order to increase your ranking, from Sales Agent to TEAM Leader, you will be required to make 10-sales a week for 2-weeks straight (very easy to do because you should be doing a minimum of 10-sales per day), and sponsor 2 people on your TEAM as TRAINEES. Your whole TEAM should make a combined total of 20 sales per week.  That's super easy.  As a TEAM Leader, you make Green Column commission plus Blue Column override pay, (not just for your sales but also for everybody underneath you on your TEAM).  For example, let's go bare minimum here just for example purposes.  If you make 10-sales a week, you will have made $43 for each sale, multiplied by 10-sales each week which totals out to $430 for that week. Now let's add your overrides from both you and your TEAM. Your making 10-sales and your 2-person TEAM underneath you are making 10-sales each which total 30-sales combined between all of you.  If you take that 30-total sales and multiply that by the overrides which for a TEAM Leader is $4 per sale which totals out to $120.  Add that $120 to your $430 and your total paycheck for the week is: $550 for your first week.  Doesn't sound like a lot, does it?  Remember the Sponsorship Bonus that you'll be receiving every time you sponsor a new TRAINEE of $99 each.  The grand total of your first 2 paychecks as a TEAM Leader is $748. I know, it's still a little low, right?  So let's change that, shall we?

Let's get you promoted, shall we?

Let us take you on a journey from TEAM Leader to Assistant Manager.  Your whole TEAM must do a minimum combined grand total of 40-sales per week (super easy).  The responsibility grows, but so does the pay.  And we seriously mean an increase in pay, it's big.  Let's do the math, shall we?  You may want to grab a calculator or use the calculator feature on your phone.

As an Assistant Manager, you are responsible for doing 2x2's.  This is where you are calling on all of your customers and those of your entire TEAM and ask them customer service type questions which you will be trained on.  Doing your 2x2's ensures that your customers do NOT cancel their service which saves both you and your TEAM from getting charged back.  It also allows you to sell more and to expand your TEAM by recruiting new TRAINEE's.  You will also be responsible for building up your TEAM so that you have 2 TEAM Leaders underneath you.  OK, that's the hard part.  Now let's talk about Money.

Do you remember how many sales that your TEAM made as a total?  Now multiply that by 2 and then add in 10-sales that you will be making on your own.  Let's break it down for you again.  If you're an Assistant Manager, that means you have 2 TEAM Leaders and each TEAM Leader has 2 Sales Agents which is a total of 6 people and then of course yourself which equals 7 total sales people selling a minimum of 10-sales each per week. Multiply 7 sales people making 10 sales a week, well that's 70 sales per week multiplied by $6 per override per sale which equals $420 in override money plus $430 from your own sales paid at a Sales Agent pay rate $850 and that's without recruiting or sponsoring anyone.  $99 additional for each new person that you bring on.  You do the math.

Let's climb the corporate ladder a little bit and explain the next step in the growth process. A Manager is no small potatoes.  A Manager is also responsible for do all of the APPROVALS for their whole entire TEAM.  You will need to learn how do approvals for Dish, DirecTV, AT&T, HughesNet, ViaSat, Vivint, Frontier, Comcast Xfinity, Frontier, Windstream, ADT & CenturyLink.  Learning how to do all of these approvals will take about 2-days.  A Manager's TEAM must make a minimum combined total of 80-sales per week. A Manager must complete all 2x2's as a redundancy to make sure that the customer does not cancel, your sales staff is doing their job properly, recruiting is kept up to help build your TEAM, to up sell additional products and to ask for referrals to help make more sales. You will be responsible for cultivating 2 Assistant Managers.  So let's do the money talk, OK? Remember this, $9 overrides.  If you have 2 TEAM Leaders, that means that you have a TEAM consisting of a bare minimum of 15 Sales Agents including yourself selling a minimum of 10 sales each which makes for a total of 150 sales per week; and then multiply that number by your overrides of $9 which gives you a grand total of $1,350 and that's just in overrides alone.  Add your own personal sales of $430 and now you have a grand total of $1,780 and that's not including any recruitment/sponsorship bonuses.

Moving on up is super easy.  A Senior Manager is where it's at.  You're only required to make 1 sale a week but you are encouraged to make a minimum of 30 sales because the sales are ridiculously easy to make.  They're all inbound sales calls. Your TEAM which consists of 2 Managers (totaling 30-agents) that are required to make a combined total of 160 sales per week. If the whole TEAM is averaging a minimum of 10-sales each, well that's a total of 300 sales per week.  Now multiply 300 sales per week by a $11 commissionable override which leaves you with a total commission less any individual sales that you make of $3,300 per week.  If you add the 1 sale that you are required to make, well that's not much.  But add the 60-sales that you will most likely get because sales will become that much easier for you equals an additional ($43+$11)x60 = $3,240.  So you are likely earning $3,300 + $3,240 = $6,540 per week.  That's not too shabby for a weeks pay. That's over $340,000 a year.  That's a Senior Manager's pay.  It only gets better from here on out.

Being a District Manager is more than awesome! Although  you are not required to make any sales at all, we still encourage you to make one every now and then so that you don't lose your skills.  But you will be very busy to where selling will be the least of your worries.  Your 63 person TEAM (including yourself) on the other hand will be responsible for a minimum of 320 sales per week (way too easy).  But you will hold them to 10-sales minimum, each.  So your 63 sales person crew making a minimum of 10 sales per week will total to 630 sales multiplied by $13 override commission equals $8,190 a week.  That also equals to almost a half a million dollars a year which is $425,880/year.  We told you that it will get better real soon.  You can do all of this inside 6-months or take 3-years, that's up to you.  But if you think that your pay ends at a half a million dollars a year, you've never been more wrong. Your main job is to hire/recruit/sponsor new TRAINEES.  You will have sole access to every single person that applies for a position at:, &  We get anywhere between 2 applicants to over 40 applicants per day world-wide.  Your position will be the ONLY position to have access to our applicant list.  With that being said, that's an average of 20 applicants a day multiplied by $99 a day.  Multiply that number by 365 days a year gets you an additional $722,700 a year.  Doing the math puts you at a new grand total of $1,148,580.  I think we're getting there, right?  That puts you at millionaire status, right?  Yeah, I think you know this.

Everybody wants to be a Junior Vice President aka JVP.  This is where everybody wants to be.  This is where you are so close to being a millionaire; so close.  So what is the job & what are the requirements.  You are required to open your own office to house staff as needed.  You will train & build 2 District Managers.  Your TEAM must have a combined total sales of 640.  You aren't required to make any sales.  So let's do the math, shall we?  Your TEAM of 127 will average 10 sales per week & as a result earn you $15 overrides per sale that your TEAM makes.  That's $19,050 a week and $990,600 a year.  That's not including any individual sales nor does it include any recruiting/sponsorship bonuses.  If you train your staff to sell a little bit above the minimum, you're easily earning over 1.6 million dollars a year.  Let's get you to a whole new level.  Raise the bar.  Millionaire status has your name written all over it!

Executive Vice President aka EVP, is definitely where it's at.  In order to get here, you'll need to build a TEAM of 254 sales agents with the help of your whole staff.  Let's be clear, Most of your TEAM is already built. If you build 2 Junior Vice Presidents aka JVP, then you have automatically built your TEAM of 254.  Including you, that's 255 agents.  The minimum group sales requirement is 1,400 per week.  But if you calculate 10 sales per week per agent, that equals 2,550 sales per week.  Multiply that number by a $17 override commission and you'll notice that you're now earning $43,350 a week which equals $2,254,200 a year.  Yeah, I think we've definitely made it to the big boy's club of becoming a multimillionaire over night.  Now do you see that it's so worth it to start at the bottom?  That's how you build your TEAM the fastest.  That's how you build your wealth & capital.  Much easier than winning the lottery.  What company could you create or what company could you work for making this kind of money?  Remember, no outbound sales.  All you need to do is sit there in your home and wait for the phone to ring.  there is no other company in the world that has our business plan and there's no other company that is as lucrative.  You don't need any special license or take any state test.  There's no crazy meetings to attend.  There's no alienating yourself from your family by pushing products on them.  It's better than Google.  It's just an awesome company to work with.  There's no job that pays what we pay and you know it.  Embrace the awesomeness as we already have.

Senior Vice President aka SVP: This is the highest position before becoming a MADE PARTNER. Let's go over the rules, shall we? You must promote 2 Executive Vice Presidents.  You're not required to do any sales.  Your whole Sales TEAM of 511 (which includes yourself), has a group minimum sales requirement of 3,000.  You must cultivate 2 Executive Vice President's aka EVP's.  By doing all of this, if each person on your TEAM does a meager 10 sales each per week, well that would be 511 Sales Agents multiplied by 10 sales per week, well that would be a total of  5110 sales per week.  Multiply that by a override commission of $19 per sale multiplied by 5110 sales, that would equal $97,090 per week which equals out to $5,048,680 a year.

And finally, you can achieve the position of MADE PARTNER aka MP.  You must have your own retail store (you will use our approved designs) which we will help set up for you. You will need to cultivate 2 Senior Vice Presidents aka SVP's.  You are NOT required to make any sales.  Your total combined sales for your whole sales TEAM is 5,000 sales per week.  If you do the math, that's very simple.  If each of one of your 1,023 Sales Agents makes an easy 10 sales

per week, that totals 10,230 sales per week, combined.  Now multiply that number by the override commission of $22 per sale.  That gives you a total of $225,060 per week.  That's $11,703,120 a year.  It definitely pays to be a partner.  Pretty awesome, huh?  Retired Life never felt so good.  What does a MADE PARTNER do?  They help run the company and make great decisions to constantly help improve the company and the lives of all of it's associates.

So Let's get started, shall we?  Please take the rest of this training really seriously.

Admin & Customer Service, please watch all of the videos below as well as Sales & Techs.

Always explain the Customer's bill to the customer

Learning to sell is of HUGE importance

You could learn a lot here.  Please take plenty of notes because you will be tested.

Learning sales is not just for sales people.  Technicians and office staff all benefit from learning sales

There are many great sales trainers out there.  Victor is one of many.

Leave a great impression with every customer.  Are you taking notes?

Please continue taking notes.

Go back and re-watch as needed but please do NOT skip under any circumstances.

Overcoming objections are very important.

Conquer all objections

Practice... Practice... Practice...

Zig Ziglar is one of Jerome Robinson's favorite sales trainers.

Study and take a lot of notes.

Brian Tracy is amazing.

Take a lot of notes.

All actors, athletes, doctors, lawyers and sales professionals practice, rehearse and roleplay everyday.  They take their craft very seriously.

Steve Schiffman is another one of Jerome's favorites.

David please add a note here....

Please take a lot of notes.

Learn product knowledge here

Learn all products

Take notes

Very true

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