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Welcome to  We are the #1 largest and highest ranked company

of our kind in North America. Come work for us, we are an incredible company to work for!

We are looking for future Managers, Administration Assistants, Technicians,

& Work From Home Sales Agents from all around the country.

Sales Customer Care Expert:


Here, you have the choice in how much money you make.  Your income depends solely on you.   We have 1099/subcontracting positions as well as employee positions available. The employee position is an hourly or Salary plus Commission & Bonus position, so the more you sell, the more you earn.  We are going back to a Pay System that we use to have before.  YOU CHOOSE YOUR OWN PAY!  You can choose hourly pay or Salary.  We do NOT pay for any online school that you go through and we do NOT pay for time served during your online training school because that will be done before you are hired by our company.  The starting pay hourly wages to choose from are $10, $12, $14, or $16 + Huge Bonuses after your 45-day training pay period is over.  You may ask permission to be pulled out of training early so that you can make more money if you want. Sales are completed through many different avenues. You can make sales through walk-ins that come into one our retail stores, incoming calls, following up on leads, door-knocking, events, networking or referrals. If you are willing to learn our products and work hard, you will reap the benefits.

You should be able to earn between $40,000 - $120,000 a year, or more, when you include bonuses.  If you have drive, structure, tenacity, discipline and can dream BIG, then you may want to consider this pay structure.

After you have completed the Application, it will direct to the training site which is currently under construction.  We know that you are applying for Admin, that's ok.  We TRAIN everybody who works for in sales, even our technicians because good customer service and understanding sales go hand-in-hand.


Here, you also have the choice in how much money you make.  Your income depends solely on you. This position is paid by the piece. How much you make is determined by how hard you are willing to work and your ability to up-sell the customer. Customers may not realize all of the products and services we offer, no matter how good the Sales Rep is. It is your job to recommend that we hang the television on the wall, ground the wiring, or offer surge protection.

You're going to think to yourself as you do the training after you complete the application, "wow, I think this is a sales position".  We train all everybody who works with us in sales first before we train them how to be a Tech or Admin or anything else.  You're in the correct place and the training will change after you complete the initial training online.

If you have drive, structure, tenacity, discipline and can dream BIG, then you may want to consider this pay structure.  You must work out of one of our Florida locations for the employment position.

If you are interested and would like to come in for an interview for one of our retail stores, we do NOT host in-person interviews anymore due to Covid-19. If you plan on working at one of our retail locations, the address is:

Dish & DirecTV Store  17860 SE 109th Ave.  Summerfield, FL 34491
(Across from the Wal-Mart on 441 behind the McDonald's & CVS in between The Japanese Sushi Restaurant & Comcast)  
Due to Covid-19 & Quarantine Regulations imposed by the government, all interviews will be hosted online via video conference. To schedule an online Interview, please call (800) 510-8757 and ask for Jerome. 
(This is for Sales, Admin & Technician Applicants ONLY to INCLUDE: "Work-From-Home" applicants can apply online and do NOT need to apply in person)


Our "Work-from-home" program is one of a kind.  Our agents average about $190 a day ranging from $5-$200 for one sale.  If you are serious about making money, is the place for you.  No outbound calls required.  No Commission or Sales Caps. No buying leads or seats..  You just sit back while the calls poor into you at a rate that averages about one call per every 7-minutes.  Very quick and easy sales.  We offer almost every service available to our customers and the best part is that you can save them a lot of money!  As you can tell, we sell a large array of communications' services.  It's pretty cool, you can work from home and work when it's convenient for you.  This is the ultimate career.  Make as much money as you want.  All you need is a USB noise cancelling headset, a computer and a high speed internet connection.  Do yourself a favor though, no dogs, no children crying in the background, as you'll need a quiet office to work out of.  It doesn't matter where you live; anywhere around the world, you can do this.  Get excited because this is going to be your last stop and your ticket to retirement.  Profit Sharing, Stock Options, Insurance, Retirement & Investment Planning, Continuing Education and so much more are just a start.  We will train you to be the best of the best in the industry.  Learn from the best, then become the best.

Come join a winning TEAM and make more money than you could possibly dream of from the comfort of your own home.  If you are willing to learn, we can teach you to be the BEST in the industry.  This is a 1099 straight commission career.  You can make as much money as you want.  You can even make great money by introducing this opportunity to other people you know around the country. We have many positions open all around the world.  Come join our TEAM and be one of the BEST!  Where else can you earn between $40,000 and $120,000 or more while working from home?  Our company is awesome and you will LOVE us!  Our TEAM of EXPERTS will be by your side every step of the way.  No weird chants, just a really fun company environment to work for. Finally, you've come to the right place!

You MUST be very well disciplined and know how to structure your time wisely.  You will be quizzed on the 4-day TeleSales University Course by following the link provided at the end of the application.  Know this, at first, you may not make any sales for the first couple of days while you are getting your feet wet and learning the craft, but if you are patient, you will learn to be great.  If you are accepted with our company, you will learn to be one of the BEST sales people in the country.  Once you've completed the necessary Informational Sessions, you may even be given the opportunity to be one of the future Vice Presidents of  This is an exciting opportunity so don't pass it up.  Remember, it doesn't matter where you live, we help people all around the world.  So come work with us, you'll be glad that you did.

If you are serious about working as an associate with, then this is what you'll need:

(1) USB Headset with microphone (average cost is $25 new and $15 used) Logitech H390 Noise Cancelling Headphones

(1) Computer with Windows (desktop or laptop no more than 6-years old) with an Ethernet port that you can connect directly to the router (hardwired)

Things are done a little differently here.  First, we ask that you complete an online application.  Then, if you are approved, the application will automatically provide you with a link to the Tele-Sales School and asked to proceed.  You will then be guided step by step through the rest of the process.  You will be monitored every step of the way.  We will be tracking your participation in the Informational Sessions & on our morning conference calls.  There, you will be able to ask as many questions as you want and participate and learn along with many others.  Things may seem a little backwards, don't worry, it will make sense at some point.  Take this very seriously or we won't take you seriously.  Take a lot of notes.  You will learn from world class leaders to become a world class sales professional.  Good Luck!

Common Questions Answered

- Our Application will approve you or deny you based on a specific proprietary algorithm.  If the system approves you, you will move directly on to the next step of the process.  Based on how well you do, we will determine if you are a good fit for our company.  It may seem a little backwards to many, but after many years of exhausted research, we have determined that we really can't find our diamond in the rough based on an application and/or resume alone.  So that's why we take it another step.  We give most people a fair chance at proving to us that they are malleable, coachable, driven, teachable, honest and most of all, ambitious. 

- So, you're probably going to wonder why we have you start directly after you fill out the application.  We are big on technology and we are big on automation and with the amount of people that we are looking to hire, it would be very difficult to spend 6-hours interviewing each prospect.

-  We do NOT do any OUTBOUND Calling.  All of our sales are people who call us to inquire about our services for Internet,TV, and/or Phone.  We spend a lot of money delivering you the very best inbound sales calls.

- Can you really make $600 per day?  Of course you can.  In Fact, we would disappointed if you only made that much.  We expect you to close 18 out of 20 sales that we deliver to you.  Yes, we are talking about an average of $1,800 a day for a good, sales professional.  If you do NOT sell Solar, then expect your commissions to be less.

- Most people with little or no experience do better than those that have years of experience.  Most arrogant, cocky sales people think that they are too good to learn new techniques that unfortunately they've put a ceiling on their potential to grow.  In our line of work, experience can hurt sometimes more than it can help you.  You'll easily recognize them in the Informational Sessions and they typically don't last very long.  You'll almost get the sense that they are too good for anything.

- You can choose your own hours but it must be a minimum of 15-hours per week unless you are taking a week or two off.

- This is a 1099 subcontract position, not an employee position.  We do not take taxes out of your paycheck.

- We pay every week, direct deposit unless you prefer a check.

- We only pay after the sale is made and installed, not before.  The average pay time-frame after the customer is installed is about 11-days.

- We do NOT pay a salary or hourly or training pay for installers or WORK FROM HOME positions.  They are subcontractor positions ONLY.

- We do NOT provide computers or headsets or Tools for the career.

- We do not cap your commissions.  You have no ceiling.

- We do NOT provide Insurance unless a special request is made and approved.

- Is this legit?  Yes, you can research us with both the IRS or the Florida Government Website "".  Our legal name is

- We have been in business and the largest company of our kind for over 14-years in Florida.

- We have 4-stores in Florida.

- We don't charge you any money to work for us other than a background check (work from home and tech positions ONLY).

- The more you participate during the Information Sessions, the better.  There is no such thing as a bad answer.  We want everyone to participate unless you can't talk because you are at work.

- It's important that you "DOinterrupt during our role playing sessions and give constructive criticism.  Our TEAM needs coaching and we want your help!  You have something great to offer and you offer a whole fresh new perspective on things.  Please interject, interrupt and interact whenever possible.  Thanks.

Please watch the video below.  If you want to get to know us, here we are...

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that you watch

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